RETAIL LENDING BOOTCAMP

Today’s lending function must be “more than just the deal” instead focusing on gaining fully-banked customers. The Retail Lending Bootcamp is a 2-day, intensive, “real world” program focusing on the fundamental tools, skills, strategies, and processes needed for today’s branch and retail lending team. 


Consumer, Small Business and Small Investment Real Estate Lending

This intermediate, enhanced session will take you beyond basic consumer lending training. This real-world program will prepare retail lenders to have more informed and effective conversations with credit partners, and build stronger, more profitable relationships with customers.  This 2.5 day course meets the needs of lenders who serve consumers, small real estate investors, and/or small business clients.  It will prepare lenders for success in today’s community banking environment, where they must have the skills and flexibility to serve a variety of loan requests.

Benefits of the Program:
 •Providing a systematic approach for maximizing and growing both the credit and total banking relationship

•Learning how to meet the customer’s retail and consumer lending needs from “cradle to grave”

•Recognizing ways to mitigate risks associated with different types of loans

•Experiencing the “hands-on” process in a learning environment

•Networking with peers for a shared experience