We pride ourselves in understanding bankers' unique needs and delivering proven solutions in these four areas:

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People Needs

Having clear expectations is the key to focusing your staff on achieving corporate objectives. We help you update your job descriptions to include sales and service objectives. Performance charts are developed that define the activity demands of each job. Job standards are developed or revised to take into consideration your objectives. We help your managers develop individual and team goals an a system of measuring and tracking these goals.

 Benefits to the bank:

           -Reduced Turnover

          -Maximized Opportunities

          -Appropriate Job Fit

          -Improved Effectiveness

Leadership & Coaching

Our leadership and coaching process is critical to making a lasting change in your bank. We help you select a cadre of coaches that will be trained to reinforce the skills training and to mentor the team members to encourage the desired behavior. From our leadership series, we can select from a list of management development training programs to build an effective coaching team. We provide the team with a system of performance management and tracking tools to keep them informed and motivated to achieve desired objectives.

            Benefits to the bank:

                -Deliver Consistent Results

                -Implement Culture Strategy

                -Build Team Work

Training & Skill Development

Our training and development solutions include a full curriculum of bank-specific training programs. These programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of your bank.  Each program is supported by a series of reinforcement team meetings to ensure that the needed skills are fully integrated into your bank’s culture.

Some of the core training solutions are:


-Customer Service Excellence I & II:    A customer service program delivered in two phases designed to focus on your performance standards and communicate a consistent and predictable response to customer needs.

-Relationship Selling Skills:   A sales training program that focuses on identifying and meeting the customers' needs focusing on building profitable relationship

-Referral Skills:   A training program that helps your retail team deepen customer relationships through focused conversations.

-Partners in Quality:   This program is designed for non-customer contact staff on supporting Customer Service Excellence.  Everybody has a Customer!

-Business Development: A training curriculum for your calling officers that provides the knowledge, tools, and processes necessary to succeed in today's competitive environment.


-Coaching Skills:   Teaches retail leaders the skills and process to coach and mentoring the team for results.  

-Team Building:    Teaches your managers to motivate and build a team.

-Leadership Series:   A series of fourteen management and leadership topics.

-Performance Management:   Retail focus on individual and team  performance metrics..

-Performance Evaluations:   Teaches both the retail team a process for delivering effective appraisal discussions on "going forward"


-Branch Manager Series

-Universal Banker Series

             Benefits to the bank:

                -Improve Customer Satisfaction

                -Increase Cross-Sell Ratios

                -Enhance Business Development

Marketing Support

Our clients have experienced significant and consistent increases in retail metrics --core deposit, fee income, referrals resulting in profitable relationships.    We coordinate product knowledge training and build promotional calendars to support the bank's total marketing efforts.

Our solutions include:

Integrating Internal and External Marketing

    -Coordination of Effort

    -Product Knowledge Development


    -Competitive Analysis

    -Market Surveys

Product Promotions

    -Promotions Calendar

    -Building a Seasonal Plan



Building Customer Relationships

    -Customer Retention Processes 

    -Customer Appreciation Activities

    -Customer Feedback Systems

                Benefits to the bank:

                -Improve Marketing Effectiveness

                -Target the Right Customers

                -Market the Right Solutions and Recommendations

                -Attract and Retain New Customer Relationships


At PSI, we understand that changing the way you attract, sell and build profitable customer relationships is a critical process. For these changes to be effective, they must be fully accepted and integrated into your bank’s culture. Our process in meeting this initiative is unique.   This process is also why our services result in lasting change that will facilitate growth in market share, retain your best customers and increase the bank's performance and profitability.

Our experience in consulting and training has taught us that change is a process, not an event. The benefits of training and skill development are often lost in only a few short weeks without reinforcement and integration into the bank’s culture. For that reason, we use a pyramid-building process. The foundation of our pyramid is clearly defined objectives. These objectives are translated and communicated to the retail banking team through position descriptions and performance standards.

We build on these objectives by identifying the gap between the current skill levels  and the skills needed to accomplish these objectives. These needed skills are provided through "real-world training" that is specific to the banking industry and easily related to the workplace.

Training is reinforced through a combination of team meetings and a coaching and mentoring process.   Your managers, supervisors, and team leaders are trained to reinforce the skills and to engage and build an empowered team to produce a lasting change in the way the retail banking team communicates with each other and customers.  

The next critical step is measuring performance and results.  If the bank does not have an effective measurement system,  PSI provides a simple process for tracking individual and group performance. This coupled with goal setting becomes the foundation for a performance management process focused on achieving the bank's strategic  objectives.