We are proud to offer the widely acclaimed Branch Leadership Series.  More than ever before, today’s branch leadership team is faced with a multitude of challenges and opportunities. Successful banks have branch leaders who are focused on motivating and engaging the team, building and increasing loyal customer relationships, mitigating risks through compliance and regulatory adherence, and accomplishing retail banking goals. In essence, the Branch Manager is the business manager. On-going education, training, and networking are essential in developing successful branch leadership in today’s ever-changing environment. The Branch Leadership Series is four-workshop sessions that may also be completed as stand-alone sessions.

 Key Elements of the Series

• Develop and Implement Retail Banking Business Plan

• Discover Individual Leadership and Management Styles

• Ensure Regulatory Compliance and Operational Adherence

• Mitigate Risks                    

• Grow the Retail Banking Branch

• Explore Proven Sales, Service, and Relationship Building Skills and Tools

• Motivate and Boost Employee and Team Success

• Manage Challenging Situations with Team Members and Customers

• Strengthen Communication and Day-to-Day Effectiveness

• Increase “Bench Strength” in the Branch

• Determine Critical Branch “Best Practices”                       

Branch Leadership Certification Overview   

In many locations, we offer the Branch Leadership Certification program. The workshops do not have to be taken in sequence in order to receive a certification. The four workshop sessions may also be completed as stand-alone sessions. The benefits of this certification process include:

• An investment in developing “best practices” for your bank’s branch network.

• An educational resource for training and career development.

• Recognition and opportunities for branch managers by completing these sessions.

• A foundation builder for banking schools