Takeaways Blog

January 16, 2020

PSI Training

By:    Dianne Barton

At the end of each engagement, a consistent question we ask is:  what did we learn from the participants?    

In 2020, we are committed to sharing our experiences and our takeaways.  For over 20 years,  we kick off our training year with Indiana Bankers Association.   So, this year as I boarded the plane, it felt like going to our home away from home.  Even with the challenges of maneuvering the clumsy boot after foot surgery, what a pump!

So, what were the "aha" takeaway moments?   Probably my favorite was how one of the attendees described his outgoing President's transition year as the "Victory Lap."  What a refreshing hats off to the years of service!    Another was how to avoid the "deer in headlights" look when a customer asks a novice team member about an RMD or beneficiary question,  and the IRA person has gone to lunch.   And, does your bank have a "hunt group?"

Real World Training makes learning fun!